10+ Animals That Have Twins in Other Species

The expression “Brother from another mother” doesn’t refer to actual half-siblings. A brother from another mother is a friend that you feel as close to as if they were your actual brother. The same for sister from another mister. You feel as close as a sister, even though you are not related in any way.
Recently this expression has widely been used on the internet as a caption for pictures showing animals of different species that strikingly resemble each other. They aren’t the same size, same breed or even same species. But we could’ve sworn they’re brother and sister! Here are animals who look so similar that it’s really hard to believe they’re not twins and some of these couples look just amazing!
These photos below show off some of the cutest animal twins I have ever seen! Can you tell them apart? Scroll down to enjoy and please share with your friends and family!

#1. Separated at birth?

#2. These 2 make a perfect team.

#3. Black-and-white friendship


#4. We bet they think they’re real brothers.

#5. Shocking resemblance

#6. Do they know they are different?

#7. How many animals can you see in this picture?

#8. What a cute coincidence!

#9. It must be hard to tell them apart at dusk.

#10. These 2 even have the same facial expression.

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