20 Photos Of Pets That Radiate Happiness, Love, And Sassiness

11. “A happy boy enjoying the sunshine”

12. “My dog, Ghost is very suspicious about why I’m home on a workday.”

13. “Here’s a picture of my incredibly relaxed cat, Zac to help chill you out.”

14. “Thoughts and prayers for Miles — I’m 3 minutes late with his dinner.”

15. “A classic case of ’boyfriend was not a cat person’ — this was his first day with a cat.”

16. “Louis always falls asleep while he’s watching the fish…”

17. “The lord of the house is pleased that I can stay home and serve him all day.”

18. “I adopted 2 kittens today. I originally applied for one, but I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together because the people adopting his brother backed out.”

19. “She kicked the phone out of my hands at exactly the right moment. 10/10 good girl!”

20. “I just love the way Pilsner looks at me. We’re best friends.”

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